Crystal Adams-Jones

Mrs Adams-Jones (Musszett The Poet) has been writing poetry since the age of seven and has continuted through the years into her adulthood. She has been a very active participant in her community and church. She has performed in many venues throughout the tri-state area. Musszett has received countless awards and is a very well-respected poet. She is a mentor, activist, writer and performer. Her writing is a blessing from the heavens of glory. She has touched many people in a special heart-felt way through her work. This strong woman of faith has a remarkable gift to reach individuals through spoken word poetry.  In her book of poetry she expresses herself in many ways, spiritual, mental, & emotional. She also walks down the road of social-welfare, outstanding achievements of others and people of color that paved the way for African Americans.

She talks about what’s going on in the society from yesterday and today. From food to history from the sky to the sea, she brings it all on just for you. You can expect a different variety, that’s unique. Her poetry is crafty, joyful, splendid, meaningful and vibrant. It tantalizes the hearts of many young and old. Her poetry is not black and white ink on paper. It’s a rainbow of joy and color. Spectacular to the eye. Her poetry stands with pride – from the craft to the art. Her poetry awakens the hearts.

logoYou can see her work on and on Facebook. She has performed on many stages including The Bristol Waterfront during the 2014 African American Day celebration. She has also shared poetry in many appearances from Trenton to Philadelphia from 2011 to 2014. She has even held a book signing in 2013 in an awesome event in Miama FL.

Ms Crystal is a community advocate and has been a guest at many churches in the tri-state area (NY/NJ/PA). She welcome your feedback and bookings.

You can contact her through her website or email here –